About Us

Vytis Tours has been the leading tour operator to Baltic States for the past 24 years.

Visiting this region was once on a par with polar exploration and canoe trips up the Amazon. But no more!!!! The former “captive nations” of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which won independence from the crumbling Soviet empire in 1991, are relishing their freedom. As Iron Curtain gloom gives way to Western-style prosperity, they’ve learned that an important ingredient in this new affluence is tourism.

Once travel restrictions had eased after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, Vytis Tours was ready to accommodate all tourists to the fullest. My personal experience of having lived in those countries and extensive government and business contacts are essential in providing complete and competent service to our clients.

Now members of NATO and the European Union, the Baltic States have become modern countries and living up to western standards. All hotels, restaurants and other travel related services are ready to accept visitors from the west and Vytis Tours is ready to help.

Romas Kezys
President, Vytis Tours